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    • Hi there,  My name is Max, I have been playing RSPS for the past ~5 years. Most people know me by 'Demonize'.  I found out about Hallucination whilst talking to Alex, and he mentioned something about a new server, so I offered some help in finding bugs, and hoping to find a new server to grind while I still can.    Hope to meet all of you guys' in-game, or on Discord. Always keen to talk, feel free to PM me if needed! :)
    • Guide to our gambling systems in Hallucintion PS
    • Went out, came back and couldn't log back in 😞
    • Discord invite link is invalid 😞
    • Sponsor Rank     Overview   The Sponsor Rank is a rank obtainable by donating for an Owner Cape Icy Glaive Or it can be obtained by successfully upgrading an Extreme Donator Ticket into a Sponsor Ticket, at a dream difficulty. This item is obtainable from the donation store. This rank comes with a variety of commands and a private zone with A LOT of bosses!     Perks     Benefits   We have added even more bonuses for our sponsors! Sponsors now get an additional static 5% luck and 5% drop rate bonuses simply by being a sponsor! This stacks with hardcore and ironman bonuses and all drop rate boosting items, making it even easier for sponsors to get a drop! We have made it so that sponsors now get 1.5x arcade tokens while using the arcade, meaning even more juicy rewards for our Sponsors! Sponsor instances will now teleport you right outside the instance manager! making it even easier to get quick and easy kills!     ::God   This command allows you to fly around dreamscape and explore 100% better!           ::Fall   This command allows you to have the feeling that you're falling to the ground, continuously.     OwnerCape Zone   You may access the Ownercape Zone by doing ::ownercape, ::ownercapetwo and three. Here you can find a variety of bosses and skilling areas. You can come here any time you want to have some bosses to yourselves!         Sponsor Points Talk to the King of Sponsors (King Roald) to access the Sponsor only Point Shop. Here you will find a bunch of random and Rare items. To gain Sponsor Points you must kill one of the many NPC's located at the ::ownercape zone. Every kill you get, you get 1 sponsor point. Sponsor Shop   Item Sponsor Points Pink Santa Hat 100,000 Hot H'ween Mask 4,000 Pink Boots 1,500 Pink Robe Top 1,500 Pink Robe Bottoms 1,500 Steel Kiteshield 5,000 Pet Mystery Box 4,000 Super Mystery Box 5,000 Ultimate Dragon Wings 2,000 Pink Hat 1,500 Silly Jester Hat 25,000 Silly Jester Top 25,000 Silly Jester Tights 25,000 Silly Jester Boots 25,000 A Jester Stick 5,000 1Bill Check 100 Pet Mystery Box 7500 Invictus Box 5000 Shadow King Egg 75,000 SoulFlare 50,000 Sponsor Camo Helmet 25,000 Sponsor Camo Chest 25,000 Sponsor Camo Legs 25.000 Warfare Box 8000 American Torva Helm (U) 25,000 American Torva Chest (U) 25,000 American Torva Legs (U) 25,000 Silver Chain 50,000 American Boxing Gloves 50,000 Inga Platelegs 5000 Inga Platechest 5000 Inga Helm 5000       New Sponsor Skilling Zone! Every day you can do daily Tasks as a Sponsor, For every task you complete you get one point.  Each task can be different from each day, the task you can get is: Hunter Mining Woodcut Fishing